De-facebook and Anti-social networking.

Following is an excerpt from a conversation between two developers -

dev1 : Hey! all web technologies just got owned by this super cool programming language developed by Facebook. Its called FBlang!

dev2 : ?? never heard .. Whats so cool about it? ..wait! AFAIK FB uses lamp, python among others.. are you sure ?

dev1 : yeah man .. facebook sure uses FBlang. Its awesome you know! a scripting language, a database query language and a forum moderation module packed into one.

dev2 : wtf!

dev1 : Best part is that since the code is simpler to understand than the application itself it is made public on the members' walls..so now even the FB addicts will know whats going on behind while they are busy wasting their time! Here is a sample code which just popped up on my wall as a feed,

If 100000 people join this group, facebook will delete group 'fuck india'

For the lucky few of you who don't know yet, here is the link to the epic group on Facebook which already has more than 300,000 members and is still growing strong :-| Well I seriously doubt if I would have ever known about the crappy group had there not been any "If 100000 people.... " feeds popping up every now and then.

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