HTML forms problem in IE6 solved

Ah relieved!... finally my website works on IE6. A big problem solved


Login and signup script not working in IE6. (works fine in FF & Crome). On clicking the submit button, nothing happens, not even an error msg.

What was wrong?

The problem was that I was using images as submit buttons in the HTML forms and not checking form submission as per IE6's liking!


HTML allows us to use images as submit buttons

In FF and Chrome (and may be other browsers as well which I dont use), if we want to check if submit button is clicked and run a specific code, then this serves the purpose

    if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {
        // code to be executed

But IE passes the co-ordinates of click as submit_x and submit_y instead of just submit=parameter..

so to make sure that the form functions in IE, change the above code to

    if(isset($_POST['submit_y']) || isset($_POST['submit_x'])) {
        // code to be executed

This solved the problem in my case

Doing some more G tells me that even if we check just one co-ordinate its fine. But now I have already changed it, and I am too tired to change it back again to something else... so I'll let that be.. :)

Thanks to:

Webmasterworld forums, Google

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