IE6 FIX-ed......Part I

Imagine a scenario,

For past one and a half month you have been working hard on your website, creating graphics in Ps, accurately positioning them along with all the other components using CSS and adding 100 lines of new code everyday... and then one day you read something about cross browser compatibility issues and open the website in IE6 just to see how it works there.

The feeling will be nothing less than what you will experience when you forget to use Ctrl+S and power cut occurs..

Two weeks back, I had a similar feeling when I noticed that IE6 doesn't like my neatly made PNG images that use transparent backgrounds.

So I 'googled' to see if I can get any help and to my surprise it showed 368,000 results.

But only one fix yielded results. The one I found last night at http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/demo/

It was pretty easy, just paste the code in the header and it works beautifully. Although someday I would like to take a look at what the .htc file actually does, I guess this is not the right time to get into such details.

But now I realize that this was just one of the problems...

Other than PNG,

  1. Browser doesn't respond to links styled using CSS properly.

  2. And the biggest blow is that the login script doesn't work! It calls the same .php file but nothing happens.. not even an error msg..

Hope, I ll be able to fix these problems soon. Off to 'google-ing' fixes now.

Edit: Both of the above mentioned problems are solved. Please check the 'CROSS BROWSER' page of this blog for the fixes.

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