My first website goes live..and I am so excited!

Note: This post exists for historical reasons! The website I had built is no longer up and I gave up the domain name. I may have lost the source code too :-(

Finally I managed to put a substantial work online. My first website Noise OK Please (broken link) has just been launched. This is an online community for musicians and their fans.

One special thing about this particular project is that no platform has been used. All the code has been written by me. Apart from this, whatever you will find on this website is my own work (Except the avatars. The southpark avatar comes from sp-studio.de). Of course, I have used a lot of references for accomplishing the task, such as books and no need to mention the greatest resource of the present day - Google.

One may ask, why did I try to re-invent the wheel? Its because the main intention behind this project is to learn though hands on experience. Other than that I wanted to have my own work to show it to recruiters so that they can offer me some cool jobs! :). As the number of users increase, I will be re-building it on some platform.

The website may seem like an internet startup in the first glance. But as of yet, business is not the first thing I am looking at.

There still lot of work to be done yet. Some things in the pipe line are,

  • Invite facility to let users invite others to join the community.
  • An interface to search users based on various criteria.
  • A JavaScript powered WYSIWYG rich text editor to post on the wall.
  • And much more..

I would also like to mention a few references that helped a lot

  • webmasterworld forums where professional developers were kind enough to answer my silliest of doubts.
  • A beautiful book called Head First PHP & MySQL.
  • Online tutorials from w3schools

PS> If you stumble upon this blog post please take some time to look at the website and give me an honest feedback.

PPS> If you are a web developer, your feedback and comments are extremely valuable.

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