Nights in Shining Karma - guitar-pro tab

For a change I am deviating from the usual programming stuff and a posting a music related update. This one is a guitar-pro TAB of the title track from the album 'Nights in Shining Karma' by Blackstratblues (Warren Mendonsa).


Note: Guitar pro 5 will be required to view the contents of this file.

I started working on it a while back and had left it half done before losing it to a disk format. Surprisingly, I found it among old backed up files the other day and completed it. Please don't take the drums and the bass seriously ;) and also the synth track which i have added to somewhat emulate the effects. Feel free to submit corrections if any.

In case you stumbled upon this site and don't know about Warren Mendonsa and the wonderful music, you need to visit here and here first.

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