About Me

I am Vineet Naik, a passionate computer programmer from Mumbai. At present I work at Helpshift in Pune. Earlier I used to work at Kodeplay.

I am an enthusiastic emacs user and a fan of open source software. Some of my code can be found on github.

I also enjoy playing guitar and reading books.

If you feel you already know me from somewhere, then it must be from one of these places,

  • Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (School)
  • Sathaye College
  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (B.E Mech 2007)
  • Greaves Cotton Ltd, Pune
  • Rock shows in Mumbai
  • Tech conferences and local tech groups in India such as Pycon India, JSFoo, SciPy India, Mumpy, MumbaiJS, EmacsMumbai
  • Kodeplay

I can be reached at anvxiva ng tznvy.pbz or @naiquevin on twitter.