I have been writing computer programs professionally since 2009. I consider myself lucky to be doing what I am passionate about. I am pretty much a polyglot having worked with multiple languages. Currently it's primarily Clojure and Python at Helpshift.

Besides work, I like working on side projects in my free time. The code is open source and can be found on Github. Here is list of the more serious projects:

  • pipdeptree [Python]: A command line utility to display the dependency tree of packages installed in a virtualenv using pip. To some extent, it's inspired by the lein deps :tree command of Clojure's Leiningen and is my most popular project so far with >500 stars on github.

  • sphinx-doc.el [Emacs Lisp] (demo): An emacs minor mode for Python to generate sphinx style docstrings for functions and methods from the formal parameters in their definitions.

  • Attercop[Clojure]: Is a webcrawler written in Clojure as a learning exercise to understand the core.async library.

  • The Game of life [Python,Clojure] (demo): Toy implementations of Conway's game of life that runs in the terminal. Includes utils to download and parse more than 400 patterns from the game of life lexicon.

  • lookupy [Python]: Django QuerySet like interface to query simple Python collections.

  • nozzle [Python]: An even more quick and simple way to write unit tests using nose (highly experimental).

  • jquery-sticky-buttons [Javascript] (demo): A jQuery plugin to make buttons stick to the top of the page as user scrolls down.

  • jinger [Python]: My attempt at something that any self respecting programmer is expected to write at least once in his/her lifetime - A static site generator!

  • PHPDbMigrations [PHP]: South (Django) like, but minimalist db migrations for PHP and MySQL applications. Even though the repo shows me as the sole contributer, it involves a lot of work by my then co-worker Jimit Modi when we were working together on Kodeplay's product Kodemall.

  • Ten-Chord-Workout [Javascript] (demo): A browser based game in Javascript to practice remembering notes in chords (music). The twist is that the scoring rules resemble that of ten-pin bowling. Give it a try!

  • GuitarJs [Javascript] (demo): A small javascript library for guitar notes, scales, chords. The above game of Ten-Chord-Workout is written using it.

  • Mines [Javascript]: Minesweeper in the browser using jQuery.